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Ecotap originated in 2011 and gained concrete significance through the development of charging points for electric cars, bicycles, scooters and mobility scooters. Charging points that provide maximum convenience and resistance to vandalism in the core (durable, integrated components). Two clear departure points to be able to serve both the user and the owner of the charging point optimally and for a long time.

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Ecotap has moved

Through this way we would like to inform you that we have officially moved this week from: Industrieweg 4 5281 RW Boxtel The Netherlands To Kruisbroeksestraat 23 5281 RV Boxtel The [...]

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Ecotap is your dedicated specialist in creating safe, recognizable and vandal-proof charging stations for a variety of electric vehicles. We help both individuals and businesses achieve sustainability, and we  have been able to complete many noteworthy projects throughout the years.



Ecotap Fiets Oplaadpunten

The demand for e-bikes, scooters and mobility scooters increases gigantically. Therefore more need for charging is necessary for e-bikes with Bicycle storage at hangouts etc. and/or solitary areas in which power is barely or not available.  For this, Ecotap produces different vandalism-proof chargingstations.


An Ecotap Account | Charging with an chargingcard of key

An account with Ecotap easily connect you to the largest Electric Mobility network of Europe. Herefore you have autorisation to more that 30.000 chargingstations across Europe and more.  With an Ecotap-account you’re not only able to charge everywhere, but it provides you also overviews to all your chargingsessions and chargingcosts.

  • You an start/stop charging with your chargingcard, chargingkey
  • You can inform all your userdata by login in
  • You can charge on all public chargingpoints
  • The Chargingcard is for free
  • The chargingkey we charge € 5,95 (excl. Btw)
  • When you already have an existing account we will connect the chargingkey/chargingcard
  • When you will stop charging you have to do it with the same card/key you started with

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‘Chill & Charge’

Using sustainable power outdoors has never been this easy and fun.Wether you want to charge your phone or your E-Bike, want to play a videogame or work in the grear outdoors, the Solar Bench makes it all possible.


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