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with chargers for all electric transport

Welcome to Ecotap

We can all contribute to the climate through smart solutions. Electric driving, for example, means cleaner and more economical driving. No particulate matter is emitted and electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels. So the choice is yours, because “you’re in charge”. At Ecotap we are committed to making that choice as easy as possible for you. We do this by continuously innovating: better and even more beautiful charging points. In doing so, we use maximum willpower, among other things through our “jump-out powers”. These are colleagues who, for whatever reason, had previously had difficulty entering the labor market successfully. Team members who prove their unprecedented value with above-average efforts every day. Because at Ecotap everyone who wants to stand out in one way or another is “in charge”.


Fast chargers

For every Plugin Hybrid and / or full electric car.
Available in different versions with a DC power output ranging from max. 15 kW to 120kW @CCS 60kW @CHAdeMO.
A unique feature of our fast chargers is that with the DC 180 2 cars can be charged simultaneously

Duo chargers

This car charging station is specifically designed for public places prone to vandalism. Features 2 x 7-pins sockets for charging two E-Vehicles at the same time.

Home chargers

This car charging station was developed for ease of use and features a 7-pin socket (Type 2). Using a charging cable, you can plug the electric vehicle into the charging station. Made of 2 mm steel. The Homebox can be attached to a wall or can be mounted on a stand (Optional).



Certified installers provide a safe and fast installation at your location


We provide maintenance and repair on your charging product


We provide 24/7 support for remote troubleshooting and maintenance


Manage your billing and power consumption from both private and public charging sessions


In addition to manufacturing, Research & Development is of paramount importance to us

What our customers say

2 charging points have been placed with us. Decently provided with our logo and perfectly placed  according to appointment.
Everything works as you might expect. Definitely recommended.

First Impression Tilburg

We have opted for the robustness of the Ecotap charging points. We must be able to rely on the fact that every electric car can charge unlimited and safely 24/7. In addition, innovation, flexibility and good service are of great importance to be able to continue further cooperation with Ecotap in the future.

Erik Waatjes

Satisfied with our Homebox.

De Vries family

A few weeks after the order was placed, a charging point has been placed with us. Immediately after placement we wanted to use the charging point but unfortunately we could not load yet, as we had chosen to load with registration. We first had to create an account via the Ecotap website and register. This was a simple operation so we were able to use the charging point after that.

Inge van den Burg
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