A charging station must be very reliable. That’s Ecotap!

“At Leap24 we build electric fast charging stations for vans and trucks. Passenger cars are of course also welcome to charge there. We see a group that will emerge in 2025. Then 30 to 40 cities will be locked. This means that they will introduce far-reaching environmental zones with which you can only enter those cities without any emissions. That actually ensures that we will build the infrastructure for this large group of users, or are actually building it at the moment. A charging infrastructure that is public, accessible and especially for that group… we do that in three countries.” Speaking is Ferry Bosgra of Leap 24.

Big steps

Ferry continues: “In total, we own more than fifty-five locations, divided over three countries. The tenth will open in the Netherlands in a few weeks. If I’m honest, that’s not going fast enough for me. On the other hand; we are just over two years into a completely new market, so we have to discover it all. We started in February of 2021 and immediately started with Ecotap. The charging station market is just another market that is growing, so I like working with a party that can give advice and offer service in the area. I myself have a background in passenger transport, so public transport, but also taxi services for special education. We saw in that market that Ecotap was active as a supplier. That’s how I got to know the product. You have to imagine that if you take children to and from school, you can’t call in the morning like: ‘gosh we’re not coming today, because the charging station didn’t work’. That has so much impact on parents, children and schools. A charging station must therefore be very solid. The reliability of the charging stations in particular is decisive for us because we offer operational reliability to entrepreneurs.”

User friendly

“It is very nice that we can guarantee that operational reliability together”, continues Bosgra. “Communication is therefore good, even if things don’t go quite as they should. We have regular consultations, and that actually always goes well. What we like so much about Ecotap’s charging station is that it is reasoned from the user’s point of view. I see it’s all pretty new to many users. If you then make a complicated charging station, users will not understand that. With Ecotap’s charging solutions, you only have two or three steps that you have to take as a user, and then the charging station will work.”

Good stock keeping

“We also use the customized charging stations. We order the chargers in standard white. Our own advertising guys come to Ecotap’s warehouse to provide the poles with foil. Ecotap facilitates the space in this. That is very pleasant: our people can stand dry and warm there. Wrapping such a chargers takes quite a bit of time and has to be done accurately. And as for the future: our cooperation will certainly continue. One of the main reasons is that, in addition to the easy-to-use product, they also keep good stock. Their delivery times are very acceptable, and that helps us a lot. We have great ambitions for the future. This means that we want to build a thousand locations in the coming years. There are 400 in England, 400 in Germany and 200 in the Netherlands. Ecotap provides us with that”, Ferry concludes enthusiastically.