A growing used car market – what should you watch out for?

In previous blogs it was mentioned that we are seeing strong growth in the market for electric used cars. The choice is wider and on top of that you were given the option from June 2020 to use a subsidy of 2000,= if you opted for second-hand electric.

But what should you pay attention to if you are looking for a second-hand electric car in 2021? We collected some practical tips and advice.

  1. Range versus residual value and battery life

If anything is developing quickly, it is the techniques of electric cars. This is reflected in major leaps forward in the development of batteries, with a growing range (range) and ever-growing options in terms of charging.

In the second-hand market you see that the older models, especially in those two areas, lag behind new cars. However, that does not limit you. The condition of the battery is actually an even more important point (more on that later).

An important advantage of this market is that residual value is positively influenced by the fact that batteries last for a long time.

  1. Battery condition

The condition of the battery is important, especially in a used car that has already put some miles on it. Degradation is also an issue in car batteries, although it is many times less than what we know from our daily lives, for example from telephone batteries.

Even cars of 5 years or older in the electric segment, even the oldest models appear to have a capacity of around 90 or higher percent.

Also useful; Many brands have a long warranty on batteries, so they often still use it for electric used cars.

  1. Test drive

As with all cars, a test drive is very important. Because whatever a salesperson tells you or whatever numbers you see, you want to see how the battery behaves. So take a serious test drive and see how the battery behaves.

At the same time, just like with any car purchase, in your test drive you take a good look at how a car behaves and what you like (or don’t like) in the car.

  1. Driving behavior

The idea of ​​electric driving can appeal to you for many reasons. Besides a natural eye for the environment, which is often an important factor, the cost (fuel, maintenance) can also be taken into account.

At the same time, you also have to determine whether electric driving suits your needs. Range, availability of (fast) charging points, your own charging point. A lot is possible and the coverage of charge points in the Netherlands is growing every day. But it’s good, as with any car, to see if the car provides what you want to do with it.

Also important; Not all old-generation electric cars can handle a fast charger, so that’s a good point to check. Curious about your options for charging points at home or are you looking for your organization? You have come to the right place at Ecotap!