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You would like to know more about Ecotap, of course. On this page, you can read all about our philosophy, the company and our products. Ecotap is an initiative by three passionate entrepreneurs. Kees van Bergen, responsible for the overall management, is one of them. It was founded in 2011 and was given a specific purpose through the development of charging stations for electric cars, bicycles, scooters and mobility scooters.

Charging stations that offer maximum ease of use and are resistant to vandalism (durable, integrated components). Two clear principles to provide the best possible long-term service to both the user and the owner of the charging station. The founders have an extensive track record within the mobility sector, and are genuinely involved in efforts that contribute substantially to improving not only the living environment of people, but the environment in general.


Who is behind Ecotap

Green_Sustainable_BusinessThe world around us is changing rapidly. Most people are aware of the ever-increasing CO2 emissions, large-scale deforestation across the globe, and the depletion of fossil fuels. All in all, the human race is a huge, disproportionate burden on the environment. It is time for solutions. And that is exactly what today’s consumer expects from Dutch businesspeople. Retailers, producers and everyone else involved are all expected to give real meaning to the term ‘green business’. It is becoming a new prerequisite; those who do not engage in corporate social responsibility will ultimately not gain the consumer’s favour. Green business is often thought to entail complex, costly solutions. As a result, especially in a period of recession, these solutions take a back seat. This is a mistake, because the consumer wants things to actually happen. Ecotap created the solution; a charging station for electrically charging bicycles, scooters and mobility scooters. They are recognizable, conspicuous even, and self-sufficient thanks to their solar panels. After purchase, the owner will barely have to do anything!

The purchase price is reduced to an absolute minimum, depending on available funding opportunities. Low investment, maximum returns. Thanks to on-site placement, people who use electric transportation get excellent service; they can often resume their journey after about fifteen minutes. This way, the use of electric transportation is strongly encouraged. The Ecotap is often clearly places on the owner’s premises, which emphasizes the environmentally friendly nature of the (green) business. And that is exactly the result of the Ecotap philosophy; we allow our clients to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how green their business is.

Electric transportation is becoming bigger and bigger. More and more people are opting for an electric car, scooter or bicycle. This should come as no surprise, because the environmental and financial benefits are huge. The number of electric charging stations in the Netherlands has increased as well, and this particular development will intensify in the future. The Ecotap chargers avoid any unnecessary burdens on the environment. They are extremely efficient and provide clean mobility by bicycle, scooter, mobility scooter and/or car. The car charger communicates with the car and can tailor the appropriate maximum charge to the car in question.

Ecotap products are extremely recognizable, thanks to their colour (a lovely green), the design (less is more) and the presentation (ease of use, resistant to vandalism). For bicycles, scooters and mobility scooters, Ecotap features the following models: type Z, SL and WL. For cars; type SLA_K, homebox and flex homebox. Ecotap products are remarkably well priced, for the purpose of smooth market penetration. The chosen design is not only beautiful, but also leads to efficiency during assembly, storage and transport. One type of charging station uses solar power, whereas with others only the user (the driver) has to pay a small contribution based on usage. Maintenance is almost entirely unnecessary. Because the charging stations are vandal proof, replacement costs are almost entirely avoided. By default, Ecotap offers a 1-year warranty on its products. If so desired, products can be finished in the client’s own style and/or colour.

oeso_richtlijnen_duurzaam_beleggenEcotap charging stations are assembled at the location in Boxtel. Several major suppliers are located in the immediate vicinity. Ecotap primarily consists of products manufactured in the Netherlands. In addition, Ecotap uses its own intelligent operating system. The parts used at Ecotap are tested based on their origin (people, planet, profit) and, naturally, on their functionality and durability. Ecotap applies the OECD guidelines as a basis for its purchasing, operations and supply chain management.
The most important people within Ecotap; the clients. Ecotap’s clients are active within many different sectors. The most common sectors; government (including dozens of municipalities), the hospitality industry, health care institutions, garden centres and retail. Many brands recommend Ecotap, including Mitsubishi and Groenrijk. What our clients have to say about their own Ecotap;

“The municipality of Oss wants to take that extra step when it comes to sustainability. That is why we started driving using natural gas / biogas about six years ago.” Dirk Wim In ’t Hof, policy officer for sustainability, continues; “Today we drive several electric cars, and we have eight electric scooters and over ten electric bicycles. So it is only natural to have four Ecotaps in the municipality of Oss, and other places are sure to follow soon.” His colleague Theo Geurts van Kessel continues; “Encouraging the use of electric transportation requires someone to set an example. We love seeing people use electric bicycles or scooters while travelling to and from work, doing groceries or during other busy times. This reduces the volume of traffic while benefitting the environment at the same time. One of Ecotap’s benefits is the fact that a power connection is not required, because all of the electricity is generated by a solar panel.” In ‘t Hof and Geurts van Kessel agree: “We would love to see many more electric charging stations in the Oss area.
Dirk Wim In ’t Hof, Municipality of Oss: Sustainability department

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