Ecotap has moved

Through this way we would like to inform you that we have officially moved this week from: Industrieweg 4 5281 RW Boxtel The Netherlands To Kruisbroeksestraat 23 5281 RV Boxtel The Netherlands Starting this week the Kruisbroeksestraat 23 is our invoice-/postaddress as well as our visiting- and deliveryaddress All email addresses and phone numbers [...]

Rest and recharge your batteries – literally

A bench that can be used to charge your mobile or e-bike during the break. Practical, right? The best part: they already exist. There are ideas that make you think why you did not think of it yourself. For example, why does the park bench not produce electricity in the sun? The Dutch company [...]

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Ecotap Solar Bench® used as ‘collision protection’.

Vehicle terrorism and Ram raids are the order of the day when it comes to burglary and security. Due to the growing intollerance there is an increasing need for a sense of security. An increasing number of authorities and municipalities are taking measures to prevent these types of threat situations. Ugly roadblocks [...]

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