Charging an electric car abroad – what do you need to know?

We have already highlighted the fact that we are making great strides in electric driving in the Netherlands AND the associated charging options. Especially for a relatively small country like the Netherlands, our network of charging stations is good and growing in terms of coverage and infrastructure, and the options for home charging are diverse and developed.
Of course there are still challenges for the future regarding our electricity network, but all in all, electric drivers in the Netherlands can cope with more than just fine. But what about abroad?

Driving in Europe
Other European countries are also continuously developing their charging network. This means that the coverage for charging points improves every year and you have many options for charging, especially in busier areas.
Where in the past many (potentially) electric drivers were concerned about having the right charge card or finding a charge point on time, this has changed significantly. The European mission is almost to make electric driving and charging as easy as mobile calls or withdrawing money. An important factor in this is the compatibility of charge cards in other countries.

Go abroad with your charge card
With many charge cards from Dutch providers, you can also go to countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, so you don’t have to worry about having to work with separate fuel cards or end up at a charging point where you can’t use your charge card. you can go. However, this is not always guaranteed. So if you are going abroad with your electric car on a route that you do not know yet, some preparation is not a bad idea.
When preparing, it is especially useful to check how things are at your destination. Where in the winter sports village can you load, for example.
The provider of your charge card can of course inform you extensively about where you can go (and where not), and that is always a good idea in terms of preparation and peace of mind. In addition, there are numerous locations where charging points (also/especially in Europe!) are collected and can easily be consulted online.
So if you wonder whether you have a good route in terms of charging points for your holiday, it is not only easy to check, but in the case of European countries where you travel on main roads, it is almost always YES.

Growing reach – using range
Of course, the range of electric cars has greatly improved (and continues to grow) in recent years. Just as you do not take risks in the Netherlands, you do not take any risks abroad and you probably know your car well enough to know how far you can drive and adjust your charging time accordingly.
It is also a consideration whether you opt for a fast charger or can opt for a short stop and fast charging action, or whether you want to combine your charging moment with a lunch.
Your driving style is also worth considering. Above 100 km/h, the consumption of your car rises sharply and you therefore have to take more charging moments into account. A maximum speed of 100 km/h is therefore often a good middle ground between keeping pace and minimizing your charging moments. If you want to drive faster, the need to charge more often can still evaporate your time gain.

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