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Ecotap imports LAPP charging cables

logo_200x221LAPP top-quality German charging cables, 100% safe and dependable

Ecotap supplies top-quality LAPP mode-3 charging cables for electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles

Why opt for LAPP charging cables ?

  • Original German make

  • Clearly visible due to orange signal colour

  • Oil, dirt and water resistant

  • Stays flexible at low temperatures

  • Long life span

  • Protected against high mechanical loads

  • Suitable for all weather conditions

  • Ergonomically designed plugs



1 x 16Amp 3.7kW

type 2 to type 1 length price
type2-type1_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_4m - kopie - kopie 4m1 € 275.00
type2-type1_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_6m - kopie 6m1 € 295.00
type2-type1_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_8m - kopie 8m1 € 315.00

1 x 16Amp 3.7kW

type 2 to type 2 length price
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_4m - kopie 4m1 € 285.00
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_6m - kopie 6m1 € 305.00
   type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_8m - kopie 8m1 € 325.00

3 x 16Amp 11kW

type 2 to type 2 length price
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_4m - kopie 4m1 € 305.00
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_6m - kopie 6m1 € 325.00
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_8m - kopie 8m1 € 345.00

3 x 32Amp 22kW

type 2 to type 2 length price
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_4m - kopie 4m1 € 275.00
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_6m - kopie 6m1 € 355.00
type2-type2_glad_lapp_ecotap_1_8m - kopie 8m1 € 395.00

Salesprice exclusief VAT and cost of shipment.

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