“Charging must enter your system for a while”

“Electric driving is fantastic!” She is full of enthusiasm. Inez van Kronenberg (43) from Meerlo, North Limburg, says she feels “like a queen” in her car. She has been driving a striking Peugeot 208 from the company since just before Christmas 2020. The sustainability consultant at Avalon Advies in Elst charges this as much as possible at her own Ecotap charging station, behind the house.

“Avalon Advice, sustainable thinking and doing”. That text is with large stickers on the shiny blue electric Peugeot of Inez. She is aware that she is being looked at in that car. “But I am proud of it,” she immediately adds. “This feels like a logical choice: when you drive, drive electric.” Her employer felt the same way. He decided that his advisers should drive electrically. At the end of 2020, a charging station from Ecotap was installed at Inez’s home. “My boss also drives electrically in private and had an Ecotap home charging point for that. He had very good experiences with that. ” She now shares those experiences. ” Two installers made sure that everything was professionally installed and tested and the same day her employer delivered the new car.


Inez, who lives in the countryside, praises the convenience of being able to charge her car on her own property. “There is a public charging station in the center of the village, but it is still 2.5 kilometers from where I live. I often visit town halls for my work and there are actually always free charging points there. ” She really enjoys the fact that she can charge anywhere with her Ecotap charge card. “Well, Ecotap profiles itself with the slogan You’re in charge for a reason”, she laughs. Still, she prefers to charge the car at home after every ride. “That has to get into your system for a while,” she laughs. “I like that the car is always 100 percent full when I start driving.” Because she got her electric car in the middle of winter, she also had to get used to the fact that the range at cold temperatures and the frequent use of the heating is not optimal. Once, a visit to a fast charging station provided a solution.

She enjoys her electric car to the fullest and all the conveniences that make it possible to make optimal use of it. “My car is quiet, luxurious and incredibly fast.” Inez is also very pleased with the financial side of the story. “Invoicing goes through the business. I charge the car at home, Ecotap sees how many kilowatt hours I use with it and I get that amount reimbursed once a month, fully automated and on time. ” As far as Inez is concerned, the new driving also tastes like more. She is even already trying to persuade her partner to also drive electrically …