Find charging posts? This is how you plan your route.

Are you looking for an overview of car charging stations in the Netherlands and Europe?
Even more than the electric bicycle, the electric car is more and more a recognizable and accepted image in our traffic. For years it had been known that electric driving would be the future and nowadays a growing percentage of car drivers are up. One of the most heard demands of the past period among current electric riders and interested future riders is that they can drive for longer without charging. Where previously 100km for many vehicles was already the max, you can with new models quickly against the 400km drive and that makes electric driving soon a lot more interesting.

A logical and much needed consequence is the growth in the number of charging stations in the Netherlands that is needed to meet this growing demand. We see that in parking garages, but also in other areas a part of parking places is being cleared for electric vehicles.
Planning your appointment at a roadside restaurant with charging facilities is nowadays an important part of many agenda. How easy it can be, you plug your car into a charging pole and go into discussion. On this site you will find at a glance a nice overview where you can charge your car.