Company car out of favor? Developments in business driving

To say that we as human beings have had interesting times in the past 2 years is perhaps an understatement. Due to the Corona situation we are in, we see trends and developments passing quickly. Business, social, emotional, policy… a lot is happening. And while we, like probably most, are tired of talking about almost nothing else, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this pandemic is also affecting things that matter most to us, business-wise.
That is why we are looking at developments in our business today, with the focus today on (behaviour in) business driving.
Because while compulsory working from home at a rapid pace boosted the acceptance rate for more hybrid forms of working, we also saw the highways traditionally suffice once offices were open again. So what does that say about us, our business drivers and our package of wishes?

1.Sustainable entrepreneurship versus the lease car

Although significantly fewer lease kilometers have been made in the past two years, the determination that a company car would no longer be necessary is, of course, an incorrect one.
We do see that large organizations in particular are looking at their fleet and the choices they make in it at a faster pace. Because most believe that we need to be more sustainable. At the same time, employees are really not yet prepared to leave their lease car (status, convenience, appreciation) for what it is. Not even if they start making a different mix between working from home and at the office/location after the pandemic. You DO see that companies are more often making the switch to encouraging electric driving.

2.Mobility budget instead of a fixed lease car

A second variant, in addition to the still highly sought-after (electric or not) lease car, is the rise of the mobility budget.
Where we have been trying for years to look ahead to what the mobility of the future should be, we are also seeing a shift in this. Because working from home and the need for more flexibility in work also extends to the way, extent and times of travel. And that desire for sustainability continues throughout society; more and more people WANT to make greener choices. And eating kilometers in a diesel or petrol car fits less and less.
In the context of that flexibility, we see more and more possibilities that are actually being used. From putting together a pool of cars that are used by several people for business trips, to combining a reimbursement and your own car, with an e-bike.
It is not surprising that we Dutch are still attached to our own lease car, which provides all accessibility, conveniences and availability. Developments in mobility are highly dependent on behavior and require adaptability, which is not something that will happen overnight.
What we are definitely going for is that electric driving is widely supported by employees AND employers, who also increasingly provide good charging stations at the office. We have already written in previous blogs about the developments that have been investigated in the barriers that people experience when choosing electric.

Are you considering going electric as an organization and/or do you want to ensure that your staff can charge their electric car at all times? Or do you want to enhance your sustainability image for not only your own staff but also visitors? We would like to get in touch with you for business charging solutions!