Diesels in the dark – sales to new lows

It’s not really a surprise; Last week, Bovag mentioned that it is expected that for the first time since 2003, fewer than 1 million diesel cars will be driving in the Netherlands next month. In 2021, approximately 100,000 diesels will disappear from the Dutch roads.
And the reason? Are diesel cars really the ‘poison’ of the road or is it mainly an image problem? And how does this relate to the growing share of electric and hybrid cars?

Diesel out of favor in every segment
Where previously the business mile-eater opted for a diesel engine as standard, the choice was quickly made for leasing companies; after all, the residual value is at a historic low, which quickly makes it a race for these companies.
But private individuals are also not thrilled, partly because (the fear of) the increasing number of environmental zones plays for them.

Image problem
The diesel ‘has been there’ seems to be the statement. And sales figures confirm that: Of the new passenger cars sold last year, hybrid and electric cars jump to a new peak (102,000 hybrids, 64,000 electric cars). 147,000 petrol cars.
The diesel car has to make do with approximately 2% market share; 6,921 diesels were sold. And this trend is not going to change anytime soon, making it seem like the diesel has had its day.
How justified is that – the negative image of polluting diesel? “Dieselgate” was a major fueling of the negativity. New diesels with the promise to be cleaner in the fight against emissions, turned out to be a fantasy after it became massively clear that software was being tampered with and emissions were many times higher. And with that, the diesel was immediately labeled as not clean and economical and all new influences with clean promises were immediately turned down and not believed.

Used and older diesels
The diesels that we no longer want in the Netherlands (and Europe) are shipped abroad en masse. The often-heard comments on ‘shifting the problem’ (’emission away from the Netherlands, but nice simmering in foreign air’) are of course not incorrect. However, it shows that the Netherlands and Europe are saying goodbye to ‘polluting’ cars and that a revival of new, clean diesel cars is unlikely.
The still growing number of electric and hybrid cars fits perfectly with this development and is also an upward trend that we will not see changing anytime soon.

Charging point for electric driving
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