Laadpalen Ecotap

Duo Wide


This car charging station works on three-phase electric power and features car communication technology. The Duo Wide is specially made for networkpurposes and was specifically designed for public places prone to vandalism.


Smart Charging Smart power distribution between the two sockets.
  • Optimized and dynamic loading process
The Ecotap Load balancer ensures that your Electric Car always makes optimum use of the available power at all times.
Extend your warranty with 4 years with the Warranty Plus contract: You can take out a Guarantee Plus contract with Ecotap per charge point for € 316.00. The condition is that you conclude this contract within the first year of purchase. The Guarantee Plus contract has a duration of 4 years. If you want to be able to load carefree, we advise you to do this so that you have no additional costs