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Ecocharge: This is why Ecotap is undisputedly the number 1 charging solution

How Will Verhagen from Ecocharge ended up at Ecotap? “Before I started my own company, I worked for a large multinational for a long time. I started on April 2, 2020, because I thought April 1 – Fools’ Day – was a strange date…”, says Will with a laugh. At his last employer, Will Verhagen was used to tough business. “I was therefore all the more amazed by my warm welcome at Ecotap. It seemed as if I stepped into a warm bath, because I was immediately received very courteously by the employees. I was asked in what way I wanted to distinguish myself. They then advised me to focus on the quality of the products. Excellent advice, because this really makes the difference. Right from the start there is an interaction that I find very pleasant.”


“When I got home I told my wife that I had never experienced such a pleasant visit. I was impressed that companies like this still exist at all. Nice, open, clear and honest to each other. The same day I called back. And that is how the collaboration between Ecocharge and Ecotap came about: Ecotap became the supplier, and Ecocharge became Premium Partner.”

A lot of knowledge

Was the choice for Ecotap really that easy and quick to make? Verhagen about this: “Let me be honest: prior to my visit to Ecotap, I had visited two other manufacturers of charging solutions for an inventory. They appeared formal in their approach. However, I need a party where the lines are short and the involvement is high. If there are any questions, I want to be able to call someone directly who understands my question and actively contributes to the solution. I didn’t have that feeling with the other parties, but certainly with Ecotap. And that feeling has also been confirmed in practice. From day one, Ecotap has helped me with good information and support,” says Will Verhagen with satisfaction. “This has brought me a lot of knowledge. Now we are 2.5 years later and Ecocharge has grown tremendously”.

10 year warranty

Will Verhagen continues: “For me, Ecotap is without a doubt the number 1 charging solution, mainly due to the unprecedented quality of their products and the cooperation I receive. The ease of use of the Ecotap charging solutions is very good. It is all extremely functional and contains a pleasant processing system, which makes it all very user-friendly. And they are technical products: products that may require maintenance. Thanks to the short lines within Ecotap, I can distinguish myself in my service level”. Will is also very satisfied when it comes to the guarantees. “Ecotap’s charging stations and columns are equipped with a steel body. It comes with a 10-year warranty. This is a real USP for me, which I clearly name after customers. In short; everyone is happy with Ecotap,” concludes the energetic all-round charging station specialist.