With the introduction of more and more ‘1 phase charging’ cars, we encounter a problem in the Netherlands. Cars load in the short time that they are on a charger in the evening or during the day, not at maximum, while there is actually enough power on site. Ecotap has the solution for this. Instead of using the on-board chargers, we put the chargers outside the car to work. This allows us to make better use of the different phases and load your car faster ‘full’ so you can enjoy your electric ride carefree.

With the Ecotap 15 kW DC charger we can charge your ‘1-phase charging cars at least 3 to 6 times faster without having to request an expensive upgrade of your mains connection.

Let the car manufacturers do what they are good at, namely making fantastic electric cars and let Ecotap unburden you in realizing a suitable charging network.

The 15 kW DC, CCS charger will be available in the second quarter of this year, however you can order it now. In combination with our installation service, we can arrange everything for you in this way.

Later in the year Ecotap will introduce the charger in addition to the version with Push button (without registration) in the variant with a charging card (with registration). This gives you insight into the transaction and the possibility to settle the loaded kwh ‘and business.

Contact Ecotap or your local dealer for more information.