ECOTAP charging station app

Do you own an electric car, and are you looking for a charging station to charge your car? The Last Miles Solution charging station app lets you easily search for (available) charging stations, start and stop charging sessions*, and view old, completed transactions.

The functionalities in short:

• Easy searching for charging stations:
You can search for charging stations at a specific location, using a postal code, city or street name for example.
Looking for charging stations in your area? Simply search based on your current location and you
will see every charging station in the area. You can also search for charging stations on the map.

• View old (completed) transactions
Using the application, you can easily view information about completed transactions. This information includes location, duration of the charging session, amount of power charged, transaction costs and more.

• Starting transactions with a charging station.
Why carry a card when your mobile phone is always ready?
Using the application, you can easily start and terminate transactions. You can also check the
status of your charging session at any time. Once your car has been fully charged, you will receive a notification (if so desired).

*Only possible with an Ecotap account

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