Charger points are being fitted at an increasing number of parking spaces. Companies, too, are making charger points available to their visitors or personnel. Clearly recognizable signs are being put up, not just for electric bicycles, but also for electric cars. Nothing is more frustrating than driving an electric car and realizing the battery is nearly dead. Although the action radius of such vehicles is increasing, you still have to find a charger at some point. And it’s simply infuriating when the parking space reserved for electric cars is occupied by a non-electric car. Clear signage demonstrates what your organization stands for, and provides a clear and visible signal to drivers of electric cars.


Ecotap Parking Signs

Ecotap Parking Signs
Aluminium 40 x 60 cm
Parking Sign combi EV
Aluminium with arrows 40 x 80 cm

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Pole brackets

2 pieces for attachment to pole

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Galvanized, 3.30m for parking sign

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Wall brackets

2 pieces for attachment to wall

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Sign E-Pictogram Parking Space

Ecotap® green RAL 6018, material thermoplastic.
120×70 cm. Per 2 parking spaces

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