Boxtel, the Netherlands, 9 July 2018 – Electric driving in the Netherlands will receive an enormous boost with the construction of 4,500 new charging points in two provinces. There will be four times as many charging points in the public space of 43 municipalities in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. After the summer, the construction, management and maintenance of the public charging stations in the participating municipalities will start.

Innovations and sustainable approach

Because the growth in the number of charging points will also have an impact on the load on the electricity network, it will be charged as smartly as possible. For example, as much as possible will be claimed for sustainably produced energy from local energy cooperatives. Also, between certain times, if the demand is traditionally the greatest, the charging speed is reduced. E-riders can also switch off this reduction if they need a higher speed during off-peak hours.

“The goal of Ecotap is to build the best charging infrastructure in the world in the most sustainable way with an eye for people and the environment. A project of this size gives us the opportunity to show that we can achieve these goals. “In this project Ecotap is the main contractor, but we work closely with our partner Allego, who is the specialist when it comes to public loading. ”

Kees van Bergen, CEO Ecotap

“We are proud that the number of charging stations in these two provinces is being increased. With Ecotap as a partner in this large project, we will be accelerating the adoption of electric transport, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe ”

Anja van Niersen , CEO van Allego

Over Ecotap®

Ecotap is a Dutch manufacturer of charging systems for electric mobility.

With a wide variety of both AC and DC charging systems, they have a suitable charging solution for almost every situation, whether in the Netherlands or abroad.

Since the start of Ecotap in 2011, the company has always consciously developed, innovated and produced everything in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Namely the building of the best charging infrastructure in the world in the most sustainable way possible with extra attention for people and the environment.

Over Allego

Allego is a leading provider of charging solutions with extensive experience in the field of e-mobility, including the creation of a network of multi-standard fast chargers throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Luxembourg. Allego has placed more than 8,500 charging points in urban areas and along important transport routes. The company has set up an EV Cloud Services Platform to offer its services to companies and e-drivers. This platform provides easy access to an extensive portfolio of practical services such as invoicing, active monitoring, apps, website portals, analytical tools and computing power. Companies can use the platform to offer charging facilities to their customers, employees and visitors, under their own brand and globally.



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