Electric commercial vehicles; what about subsidy schemes and tax breaks?

Electric commercial vehicles are on the rise and more and more companies are switching to electric transport. This is due to the increasing demand for sustainable transport and growing environmental awareness, but also due to the attractive tax benefits and subsidy schemes offered by the Netherlands. In this article we will go into these tax benefits and subsidy schemes and give tips to determine whether electric company cars are also interesting for your company.

Tax benefits for electric company cars

In the Netherlands, there are tax benefits for companies that invest in electric company cars. This is to encourage companies to invest in sustainable technologies and contribute to a cleaner environment. The Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and the Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (Vamil) are two important schemes that companies can use to obtain tax benefits for their investments in electric company cars.

MIA and Vamil

MIA and Vamil provide tax benefits to companies for their investments in green technologies, including electric company cars. The MIA allows companies to deduct part of their investment from tax, while the Vamil allows them to write off part of the investment more quickly. Both schemes aim to encourage companies to invest in green technologies and contribute to a greener economy.

Subsidy programmes for electric company cars

In addition to tax incentives, there are also subsidies for companies that invest in electric commercial vehicles. One example of a subsidy programme is the Freight Innovation Platform. This platform offers subsidies to companies for investing in sustainable technologies, including electric commercial vehicles. In this way, companies can achieve tax benefits while contributing to a cleaner environment. Other programmes that companies can take advantage of are the Environmental Quality in Transport Programme and the Sustainable Commercial Vehicles Programme. Companies that invest in electric commercial vehicles can thus receive not only tax benefits but also subsidies.

LADM Electric Driving

In addition to the innovation platform for freight transport, there are other subsidy programmes for companies investing in electric commercial vehicles. For example, the government programme “LADM Electric Driving” and the “Sustainability Line” of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). These programmes provide financial support for companies to invest in sustainable transport, including electric company cars.
It is important to keep up to date with the changing subsidy schemes and tax benefits for electric company cars, as they are regularly changed or updated. Companies can also seek the help of a financial advisor or sustainable transport specialist to determine which schemes apply to them and how they can benefit from them.

In short, electric company cars are not only better for the environment, but also attractive because of the tax benefits and subsidy schemes available. Companies can optimise their investment in electric company cars by taking advantage of these schemes and reap even more benefits from electric transport.


Electric commercial vehicles are an interesting option for companies that want to invest in sustainable transport and contribute to a greener economy. The Netherlands offers companies various tax breaks and subsidy schemes that can help them make investing in electric company cars more attractive. Companies looking to switch to electric transport can thus gain tax benefits while contributing to a cleaner living environment.

Which electric company car suits your business?

Now that you know about the tax benefits and subsidy schemes available for electric company cars, it is time to decide which electric company car is the best fit for your business. This depends on several factors, such as the type of work you do, the distances you need to cover and the charging infrastructure required.
There are different types of electric commercial vehicles available, from compact vans to large trucks. It is important to choose a commercial vehicle that suits your specific operations and needs. For example, if you do a lot of short trips, it is best to choose an electric van. If you travel a lot of long distances, it is better to choose an electric truck.

Fast chargers

Moreover, you should also take into account the charging infrastructure needed. If you are on the road a lot, you probably need a fast and efficient charging solution. It is therefore wise to look at electric commercial vehicles equipped with fast-charging capabilities. Ecotap fast chargers are fast charging solutions for electric vehicles, including commercial vehicles. They are designed to significantly reduce the charging time of electric vehicles, meaning businesses and drivers can be on the road faster after charging. Designed specifically for business use, these fast chargers are equipped with the latest technologies and features, such as real-time monitoring of charging status and intelligent protection against overcharging and undercharging.
Finally, it is also important to consider the total cost of using electric commercial vehicles. This includes the purchase price as well as the cost of maintenance and operation of the commercial vehicle. Companies switching to electric commercial vehicles can thereby save on fuel costs and other expenses, while contributing to a more sustainable future.
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