Car and light on the road.

Of course at Ecotap ‘electric’ is in our DNA and it is probably no surprise that we follow the trends and developments in the field of electric driving (and therefore charging!) like no other.

It is probably no longer news that the number of electric cars in the world is rising sharply. But there is a lot more happening around electric driving and charging. So it is high time to take you along in the expectations and developments in driving and electric charging of the future…

The big picture – expansion and development in electric driving

In addition to the strong growth in the number of people opting for electric driving, there is more development. Cars can drive longer and longer without charging and are equipped with more and more options. And in addition to the fact that charging is required less often, the charging capacity of the network in the Netherlands AND beyond is expanding at the same time.

You can see this not only in the number of people who have a charging station at home, but also in the coverage ratio on the road, at organizations or occasions and at parking facilities. Driving becomes easier, loading too.

Brands go with you
Car brands are increasingly getting involved in electric transport, because the offer is expanding further and further. This does not only mean that more people offer an electric alternative, but also that electric is now an option within various segments, from compact to luxury.

Also in terms of prices, electric driving is becoming increasingly attractive because purchasing becomes easier and other fuels are priced higher than ever before. This, in combination with a growing second-hand market, also means that private individuals are increasingly opting for electric.

What does this mean for the future and what can we expect?

Referring to the above, a few things are clear that we will definitely see in the coming years:

  1. Electric driving will continue to grow
    Not only is awareness growing among people about the choices they make, the offer is there. An electric Twingo or Dacia makes electric driving increasingly feasible. And although at the moment these are even lower in terms of range than the luxury models, that development is not standing still either.
  1. Technology and further development in all layers
    Gone are the days when advanced technologies were only reserved for the large, expensive models. More and more these are finding their way to more affordable models. This in turn means that benefits such as faster charging are also available for the more compact electric car. And we will only see that trend continue in the coming years.
  1. The used car offer is growing
    We mentioned it for a while, but we will no doubt see this again. Where we saw a lot in primary care that used electric cars went abroad (and still do), the second-hand market in electric driving is growing, with all the associated benefits.

This also gives the non-lease driver (business or private) more and more opportunities to go electric. And with the high fuel prices, that realization is increasingly present among many. Especially now that the often-heard threshold ‘expensive to purchase’ is becoming less and less valid.

Charging is part of electric driving. And even though it seems like such a simple principle, there are plenty of options. There are options for business, private and public spaces. Are you curious about the options for charging points at your company or at home? Please contact us or take a look at our website for a first insight into your options.