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“Empty battery fear”.. is this really still a barrier for the electric driver?

In our previous blog we already wrote about the high prices in the used car market and what boost that means for people who are considering opting for electric driving. The benefits are growing every month as fuel prices are higher than ever and you get more in return for your used petrol car than 2 years ago.
In that same blog we also mentioned a few of the barriers that we heard most about electric driving among motorists in recent years.
Where the PRICE factor becomes less and less relevant (due to falling prices, rising sales prices of used cars, subsidy options that will also become available in 2022 AND the monthly benefits of not refueling (high fuel prices), this does not always apply to the other thresholds. But Is that really the case? Are we Dutch so worried about empty batteries?

Charging an electric car in the Netherlands – what about our charging stations?

Of course, a fear is by definition not a rational thing. So whether the threshold to switch to electric driving is greatly influenced by the fear of coming to a standstill because you could not find a charging point is difficult to explain. Where this threshold was discussed as a factor in studies from previous years, we saw the often-mentioned objection decrease further and further.
In fact, we as Dutch people can breathe easy. The network of charging points in the Netherlands is perhaps the best in the world. Looking at not only the coverage, but also the distribution of charging stations in our country, many times better than other countries. ALSO than other drawers around us.

Charging card here, charging card there

A point that is connected to our charging network in the Netherlands is the way in which you can go to many different charging points in the Netherlands with 1 card. While in other countries you have to go out with multiple passes, because you need a specific pass for each provider, in the Netherlands we do very well in this area of ​​interoperability and we are really at the forefront.
Purely factually, based on figures about coverage and spread, we Dutch have little to fear when it comes to our charging options. That’s not to say that the gut feeling that’s starting to emerge about the growing electric car market is completely unfounded. The options and possibilities for charging points in many variants and in many places are enormous. But it is true that the number of electric cars is currently growing faster than the number of charging points.

Fear among private individuals – which charging point is right?

Another frequently asked question is the choice of the right charging station. How do I know where I can and cannot go? There are so many different options… what suits me, my car, my home?
Although it is a relevant point – because in order to arrive at answers, it may just be that as a private person you are not familiar with the matter, many questions have to be answered with ‘I have no idea’, good advice is not difficult.
Charging station providers know exactly how to arrive at the best solution together with you. One that suits your car, your home (meter box, solar panels, etc.) and the charging solution you are looking for. Good advice takes no effort and ensures carefree making the right choice.

Are you considering driving electric as a private individual or do you already drive electric but don’t have your own charging point? At Ecotap we like to think along about your options and which charging solution suits you best!