What has not yet done massively in electric cars, seems to happen in no time at the e-scooter: We are going to the electric scooter in large numbers! Nearly 1 in 10 scooters are currently quietly on the road in the Netherlands.

How is it that the e-scooter is growing so fast and at such a high pace?

The benefits are endless – what are the disadvantages?

Broadly speaking, the popularity is mainly due to the accumulation of benefits that electric scootering has, compared to the choice for a traditional petrol scooter or moped. Last but not least, the cost is decisive: charging for a small amount at home or elsewhere and then laughing up to 100 kilometers through the city.

Where we first saw many bumps due to poor quality or range, there are almost no risks or disadvantages. The only uncertain thing is the battery – when it needs to be replaced, a cost of around 1000 euros is already involved. But besides that, there are a lot of advantages that make electric scooter driving interesting.

Environmental zones are decisive

Many municipalities prefer today to see the stinking, rattling scooters and mopeds disappear from the (inner) city. Tomorrow, cities are awarding scrapping premiums for older models and Amsterdam is shrinking the city center as an environmental zone.

Target group is being expanded

Whereas in the traditional scooter or moped we often think of young people who do not yet have a driving license, the electric scooter is extremely popular among a slightly older target group. Especially people in their thirties and forties who use the e-scooter to commute and move in the inner city push the market share. And the number of charging stations in cities is also getting bigger! That target group also has more budget space for an e-scooter; as with electric cars, the purchase price is a bit higher than the standard petrol scooter.

On the other hand, however, it is quickly recouped in maintenance and petrol costs and makes the investment quickly worthwhile.

Quality and supply is high

In recent years, where previously a lot of Chinese produce was sold, a lot of work was done on quality requirements. The current offer is spacious and of good quality. There is of course still quality difference, so keep your eyes open when you buy.

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