The fast charger is growing rapidly in popularity. Logical, because time is money and patience is rare. Especially if you do not have the option or space to charge in your own driveway at the end of your (working) day, you are dependent on public charging points. And when you are dealing with a charging point that does not really enable you to charge quickly, this can significantly affect the threshold for electric driving AND the ease of use. In those cases, a fast charger can be the ideal solution, which makes it interesting to offer this option, especially for public places, business (areas), parking spaces and companies. The picture outlined for 2022..

The targets of the climate agreement – ​​electric driving must grow

Growing the number of electric cars in the Netherlands is not a task in itself. The desire to drive electrically is present among more and more motorists and the preconditions for doing so are within reach for more and more people. So far so good. But all those electric cars also have to be charged and the willingness to wait a few hours to be able to leave with a fully charged car is virtually nil.

With the goal of releasing only 100% electric passenger cars by 2030, there is also a serious challenge for the charging infrastructure. In doing so, we disregard the overlying challenge of our electricity network; the coverage of charging points in the Netherlands is a first.

Charging network coverage

Although not widely known everywhere, there are of course numerous initiatives and innovations underway as a form of continuous improvement. Think of the ever-growing range of new electric cars and charging options. And therefore also, the type of chargers and the speed at which charging is possible.

And 2022 will focus strongly on fast charging stations, with which the inverter in the fast charger makes it possible to charge quickly with the standard electricity network. However, that requires cars that are suitable for this; this does not yet apply to all previous generation electric cars, but it is the case in practically all new models that come onto the market.

The right fast charger

Of course, installing a fast charger involves quite a bit of technology. So if you are considering installing or having installed one or more fast chargers as an organisation, company/business park/collective building or municipality, you would like good advice on which matters are relevant. The Ecotap team is of course happy to help you in your choice; both in location, as in charging type, charging form and other ancillary matters. Ready for the future!