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As an installation-dealer you play a key role in sustainability and safety. You therefore know better than anyone how to advise and install electric charging solutions for vehicles. In doing so, you choose the very best. That means a charger that meets all the wishes and expectations of your client. That also means an aesthetic solution, a technically robust version, a version with great ease of use, a copy that does not need to be taken care of. Add to that the ease of installation and service that Ecotap offers you as a professional, and the choice is easy, right ?!

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The benefits for the Ecotap installation-dealer

Innovative and easy to install

Let's be honest; everyone benefits from installing the charging solution quickly and safely. Time is money and any inconvenience should be avoided! That is why all Ecotap (fast) chargers are optimally prepared ex factory for the final assembly. That means optimum ease of installation. As an installer, you can perform the assembly perfectly without any hassle. It all speaks for itself, and the clear instructions further guarantee a flawless installation process. In other words, innovation at its best.

Very low maintenance

The intuitive operation of the Ecotap chargers ensures that everything is smooth and simple. They are also manufactured in such a way that they require a minimum of service and maintenance. The robust steel offers an extremely strong protection of the installation. The housing is technically very qualitative, with a view to preventing unnecessary failure or inconvenience. All this means for EV drivers that you can enjoy extremely comfortably with an Ecotap charger. And for installers it means very satisfied customers.

24/7 Ecotap support

Ecotap does its utmost to make it easy for you as an installer. If you have a question, we will be happy to help you. Check the information on our website. In different areas the local service is regulated differently. Your first line support is in charge of helping your (EV drivers) using the charging station. The second line support is your local electrician to analyze where the fault is. In the power supply or in the charger itself. Ecotap is still the third line of support from the factory, to help electricians locate a problem and provide spare parts under warranty.

Sales support

As an installer, you value getting in touch with interested parties and providing them with very good advice. You also find it important to include them in a professional selection process. Ecotap supports you with inspiring communication tools. It concerns online and online instruments that draw attention to your expertise and the importance of Ecotap's high-quality chargers. As an installer you will receive advice on how, where and when you can best use these tools and fit them into your own communication plan.


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“Thinking from the perspective of the charging point”

He actually started his company in 2014 with the main goal of promoting electric driving. He soon realized that this was no longer necessary. Then Steef Korfker decided to focus on simplifying charging infrastructure. With his company NL Mobility, he only installs and supplies Ecotap charging points. This increasingly concerns the most ingenious installations.

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