Is there still a future for the combustion engine?

Earlier we wrote about the enormous decline in the market share of the diesel car, which has fallen into disgrace in recent years. And with the enormous growth in electric driving, almost all parties seem to agree that the share in electric cars will only increase further.
Admittedly; There is, of course, also dissenting voice about the feasibility and scaling-up potential in the short term. On the one hand by asking what this requires from our energy network and on the other about the coverage of charging points. But we agree that electric will be the future. But what does that mean for the combustion engine? Do we see them disappear forever or is there more?

Petrol and diesel engines
For the combustion engine that we initially think of, for petrol and diesel, seems to have been the longest time. That saying; don’t think we’ll get rid of all new combustion engine cars within 5 years. For the time being, petrol cars are still being made and sold. And those engines are still subject to investment and development by brands. So we don’t just say goodbye!
However, the combustion engine itself also has broader opportunities for ‘new’ applications.

Clear the way for hydrogen
Various manufacturers are already working on ways to use hydrogen as a fuel (and there are already options for that). For example, Toyota has had combustion engines running on hydrogen since 2017. The advantages for this application are great because, just like electric driving, these options are many times cleaner than the traditional combustion of petrol or diesel.
With a different fuel supply and injection system, hydrogen can be used directly as a fuel. And what many car enthusiasts find a huge plus; engine noise continues. Something that some people miss a bit about electric driving.
Without delving too much into the technology, brands see opportunities for the combustion engine, but in a different way than is the case before (and still). Will we lose the combustion engines that we know in the short term; certainly not. Although the advance of electric cars is significant, the traditional cars really do not just disappear from our image. But looking to the further future, the need for cleaner driving is undeniable and the current engines do not fit in with that.

Greener driving with electric
If you are considering making the switch to electric driving as a private individual, or if you are looking for options as an organization, institution or municipality for filling a charging need; we like to think along.

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