Master - Slave installation

If you want to balance the load between multiple Ecotap charging points on different stations. You will need to link the Ecotap stations in a Master-Slave / Grid setup. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1

Apply voltage to all charging stations so that the charging stations will be online (it can take up to 5 minutes for the charging system to find an online connection and is connected as soon as the light blinks green) (Note: do NOT YET connect the Canbus data cables stations, this will come later).

Step 2

Report to your Charge Point Operator the charging point numbers that are online, stating which station should be set with the role master and which charging stations should be set with the role as slave. (Phone number mentioned on the doming stickers of the charging points).

Step 3

After the charging stations have successfully received the correct master or slave settings, the Canbus data cables can be connected to the red terminals (according to the images below). 

Step 4

As a last step, check that master charging station and the last slave is correctly fitted with a 120 ohm resistor. All charging stations between the master and the last slave should NOT have a resistor.

Other info

Maximum 9 slaves behind 1 master.

The recommended data cable is a Canbus cable min CAT 5.

Data cable may only be looped through (no star network).

A minimum of 13 amps per phase per charge point, is recommended. 

Mind that on Ecotap charging stations as of 2024, the Canbus connections have changed to CAN-IN | CAN-OUT. This is inter compatible with canbus connections of older stations. Information on how to link the legacy stations watch the video animation above.