Master - Slave installation

Before making a Master-Slave / Grid setup in combination with the Ecotap Backoffice system, go through the following steps:

Step 1

Apply voltage to all charging systems so that the charging systems can come online (it can take 5 minutes for the charging system to come online and is ready as soon as the light turns green) (Note: do not connect the available data cables to the red terminals yet, this will come later )

step 2

Report to our helpdesk (+31 (0) 411 74 50 20) the charging point number that has come online, stating which pole should be set as master and which charging systems should be set as slave

Step 3

After the charging systems have received the correct master or slave settings, the data cables can be connected to the red terminal

Step 4

As a last step, the master charging system and the last slave must be fitted with a 120 ohm resistor. All charging systems between the master and the last slave should not have a resistor.

Other info
  • Maximum 9 slaves behind 1 master.
  • The recommended data cable is a can bus cable min CAT 5.
  • Data cable may only be looped through (no star network).
  • Minimum 10 amps per phase per charge point.