Mick-e energy: pleasant communication and top service!

The collaboration between Mick-e energy and Ecotap started about 2.5 years ago. “We came into contact with them through a joint relationship. This relationship has told many positive stories about his collaboration with Ecotap. So we were actually made enthusiastic by one of their other clients,” says Arjan Leijtens. “We now work exclusively with Ecotap’s charging stations. Mainly on the business market and for municipalities. The demand from these markets perfectly matches our offer: a quality product and sufficient variants to always be able to offer the right charging solution. The Ecotap charging station is without a doubt the best choice. Not only because of the quality, but also how it is built. And certainly also because of the appearance.”

Caught by the story

“We were captivated by the story behind Ecotap right from the start. They also make it possible for people with a disadvantage in the labor market to get a good job. This really appeals to me,” says Leijtens. “At the moment we are mainly located in Central Brabant in Holland. We mainly look for parties in the neighborhood and preferably regionally, also because of the sustainability concept. Ecotap is once again at an advantage, given their location.”

Turned out to be a true partner

“Ecotap has proven to be a real partner”, Arjan Leijtens clearly states. “So not just a supplier of charging stations: Ecotap really assisted us with advice and action in the start-up phase. There has been frequent contact: they adequately helped us on our way with the first steps in the world of electric charging. They have achieved this mainly thanks to the information and instructions they have shared with us. We also work for municipalities. For example, important rules apply as soon as you install charging stations in public spaces. Consider contacting the network administrator. You have to deal with the cabling, installation and last but not least the permits. That was still new to all of us. They have helped us enormously with that”, says Arjan Leijtens. “The cooperation and communication is just very pleasant at Ecotap.”

Fine cooperation

“What I also appreciate is that, even though they have become part of Legrand, it works like a family business. As a customer I am really appreciated, which is of course very nice to experience. Looking to the future, there will certainly be changes that will affect Ecotap and Mick-e energy. In the pursuit of doing better and better, it is above all a pleasant certainty that the lines at Ecotap are short enough,” concludes Arjan Leijtens enthusiastically.