New generation of drivers on their way to electric driving

When we talk about the switch to electric, we currently mainly think of 1. The lease driver and 2. The 40+ car driver who very consciously privately makes the switch to a new or used electric car.
However, the news that car brands and leasing companies are rapidly switching to electric and that petrol engines (and diesel altogether) will increasingly disappear from the supply range in the near future, stimulates a new trend. There is a whole new generation of motorists on the road who will soon almost naturally drive electric, simply that is the way to go.
To be fair, not every 16-year-old will drive an electric car at the age of 18 (or 17), but the younger children after them will increasingly have to deal with the obviousness of electric.

Electric driving, electric exam

At the moment, very little driving lessons are given in an electric car. That is of course not so strange when you consider that the average young person driving the exam will then make his or her first kilometers in a multi-handed car.
However, that shift is on the way.
A second reason that many young people do not yet want to drive electrically during their driving lessons is because with a driving lesson and driving test in electric cars, you automatically drive an automatic transmission. And by taking the exam that way, you get a note in your hard-earned driver’s license that you are not allowed to drive a switch car. And at the moment, the multi-handed car is still the obvious choice for that group of drivers.

Learn to drive electric

Electric cars do drive and experience differently than the average traditional car. Rapid acceleration is really different in electric driving and although you get used to it quickly, a young, ‘driven’ driver could certainly use some getting used to and coaching.
The same actually applies to anyone who starts driving electrically, despite previous experiences, when it comes to your environment.
Although the number of electric cars is increasing enormously, we still think of cars as a smell and especially sound. And a pedestrian or cyclist can be very surprised by an electric car who lacks this – you can barely hear it coming, while the average road user is still geared to it.
That means as a driver of an electric car you have to be aware of this – understand that you have to be doubly alert because more often than in a traditionally powered car, you can be a surprise to those around you.
In addition, it is of course useful to become skilled in working with a charging point, charging cable and charging card, so that you can start your electric journeys in complete control.
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