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The choice of Ecotap started with research….

“Den Hartog Charging is part of Den Hartog BV, originally a fuel supplier. A company that has partially made the shift to that of energy partner. This involves the mix, from diesel and gasoline to biofuels, electricity, hydrogen. This, in order to be future-proof and to be able to serve

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The importance of public charging infrastructure: Electric mobility for all

Electric mobility has revolutionised the automotive world in recent years. Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining ground because of their environmental friendliness, lower operating costs and innovative technology. But for electric mobility to succeed on a large scale, one essential ingredient is needed: public charging infrastructure. In this article, we dive into the importance of public charging infrastructure and how it makes a difference for both individual EV drivers and society as a whole. The electric revolution The move to electric vehicles is no longer a dream of the future, but a reality that is rapidly unfolding. Car manufacturers are

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Electric driving gets a lot easier in Europe from 2025!

Welcome to our latest blog article, where we update you on exciting news that will change the landscape of electric driving in Europe. From 2025, electric driving will become a lot easier and stress-free for all electric vehicle owners in the European Union. Thanks to a landmark decision by the European Council, fast chargers will be installed along major motorways every 60 kilometres. This means you can hit the road with peace of mind, knowing there is always a charging point nearby! Imagine: you are on your way to a beautiful holiday destination in Europe in your electric car. You

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