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“Thinking from the perspective of the charging point”

He actually started his company in 2014 with the main goal of promoting electric driving. He soon realized that this was no longer necessary. Then Steef Korfker decided to focus on simplifying charging infrastructure. With his company NL Mobility, he only installs and supplies Ecotap charging points. This increasingly concerns

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“Charging must enter your system for a while”

“Electric driving is fantastic!” She is full of enthusiasm. Inez van Kronenberg (43) from Meerlo, North Limburg, says she feels “like a queen” in her car. She has been driving a striking Peugeot 208 from the company since just before Christmas 2020. The sustainability consultant at Avalon Advies in Elst

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“You just have to do electric driving”

His first electric car dates back to eight years ago. That was a Renault ZOE, with a range of 100 kilometers. He put a step in the back there, in case he couldn’t get to his appointment. Gerald van Kessel (55) now still drives electrically. The co-director of MGM Project

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That the self-driving car is possible has been proven and the concept has long since passed the stage of cinematic back-to-the-future scenarios. Elon Musk claimed last year that the self-driving car should have been there long ago, but scientists are a lot more skeptical. And that is mainly due to computer technology… Why consider self-driving cars at all? Many people enjoy driving. Others see it primarily as a necessary evil. If you let the numbers speak for themselves, the way we drive a car these days is not exactly advisable. The number of road deaths and injuries is still significant

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New generation of drivers on their way to electric driving

When we talk about the switch to electric, we currently mainly think of 1. The lease driver and 2. The 40+ car driver who very consciously privately makes the switch to a new or used electric car.However, the news that car brands and leasing companies are rapidly switching to electric and that petrol engines (and diesel altogether) will increasingly disappear from the supply range in the near future, stimulates a new trend. There is a whole new generation of motorists on the road who will soon almost naturally drive electric, simply that is the way to go.To be fair, not

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