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Mick-e energy: pleasant communication and top service!

The collaboration between Mick-e energy and Ecotap started about 2.5 years ago. “We came into contact with them through a joint relationship. This relationship has told many positive stories about his collaboration with Ecotap. So we were actually made enthusiastic by one of their other clients,” says Arjan Leijtens. “We

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“Thinking from the perspective of the charging point”

He actually started his company in 2014 with the main goal of promoting electric driving. He soon realized that this was no longer necessary. Then Steef Korfker decided to focus on simplifying charging infrastructure. With his company NL Mobility, he only installs and supplies Ecotap charging points. This increasingly concerns

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Everyone electric by 2035 – is that even feasible?

We previously wrote about THE year 2035 when, in October last year, the European Union took a historic decision: From 2035, only hydrogen or electric cars may be sold (new). A serious step in reducing environmental pollution in which traffic obviously plays and should play a significant role.But everyone electric (or alternative) in 2035, how feasible is that? And does it really mean that every car will soon be electric? A look at 2035. First, the Dutch question – is this affordable? People seem optimistic about that. For years, electric car prices have been going down and the breadth of

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“Electric driving in the Netherlands: these are the subsidies in 2023”

If you live in the Netherlands and are considering switching to electric driving, you are probably interested in the subsidies available. Fortunately, there are a number of subsidies available that can help you make the switch to electric driving. Below is an overview of some of the subsidies currently available: Discount on the purchase price of electric vehicles: The government offers a rebate on the purchase price of electric vehicles through the Electric Driving Subsidy Scheme (ERSA). The amount of the discount depends on the type of vehicle you purchase. Tax benefits: If you drive electric in the Netherlands, you

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