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With Ecotap we give extra meaning to the word ‘power’

“Laadkracht (meaning load power) is a company that mainly focuses on installing and operating public charging stations. We mainly do this in the north of the Netherlands. We distinguish ourselves by installing and connecting the charging stations in one operation. We have been doing this for 2 years now: at

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Together you go further than alone…

“We are a pan-European renewable energy wholesaler. And we supply everything that has to do with a solar park. We do this with branches in the Netherlands, where our head office is located, and with account managers in Germany, Finland and Poland. Slovenia and France. You can see us as

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The electric revolution: Latest developments and future prospects

Electric vehicles (EVs) have accelerated the automotive industry and promise to change the future of mobility. New breakthroughs are announced daily, highlighting the dynamism of this innovative sector. Let’s dive into some notable recent developments shaping the future of electric vehicles. Toyota’s vision for EVs: Akio Toyoda’s forecast One of the world’s most influential carmakers, Toyota, recently expressed its expectation that fully electric cars could reach 30 per cent market share. In doing so, Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s chairman, sent an important signal about how the company sees the future of EVs. This prediction points to a shift towards an electric-oriented

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Tax changes electric driving 2024: An in-depth analysis

Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. The government is encouraging this trend by offering various tax breaks. But what exactly will change in 2024? In this article, we dive deeper into the main tax changes for electric driving. Additional taxable benefit The additional tax is a tax you pay if you use your employer’s car privately as well. In 2024, the additional taxable benefit for electric cars remains largely unchanged. You pay 16% additional taxable benefit for an electric car with an additional taxable benefit cap of up to €30,000. On the remaining amount, you will pay

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