On holiday with your electric car? Of course! That’s how you do that:

One of the most frequently heard doubts, especially for people who do not yet drive electric, is the feasibility of an electric car holiday. Difficult, awkward, uncertainty… we know all the terms that come to people’s mind when the uncertainty of the unknown takes over.
And then electric on a car holiday is easier and more accessible than ever! In today’s blog we share the most important tips and the biggest developments in electric driving on holiday.

1. Prepare

Almost no one goes on holiday unprepared and with your petrol car you have probably already thought about where you want to stop and refuel.
You do the same when you drive electric. But now it could be even more important. Determine where you can charge and ideally you already know what the rates and charging options are. Can you fast charge along the highway, are you looking for a slightly cheaper option just off the main road or do you want to combine it with a nice lunch? Extensive information about charging points at home and abroad can be found via numerous apps and websites. Also through us at Ecotap and the Ecotap app.

2. Charging infrastructure is growing everywhere

The coverage of the charging network in both the Netherlands and Europe is growing every day. So countries such as France and Germany also have a rapidly growing network of charging options and there are plenty of options for charging, especially around the obvious routes.
The number of fast chargers is also growing strongly, which means that a charging moment often does not have to mean a long stop. And if you want to stop somewhere longer for a lunch or sleep break, you can use that as a (cheaper) charging moment. Win win.

3. Cars can do more

The electric cars of the newer generations have a significantly wider range than the previous cars. With such an increased range, you can simply drive longer on a charge, with effectively less need to stop for a charging moment.
In addition, with the growth of the charging network, the number of different charging options has also grown, so you can often use different types of chargers on your way. (including fast chargers)

4. Check your pass and options

Abroad you can’t always go everywhere with a pass. Various apps and websites can tell you in advance where you can or cannot charge, but your provider can often also clearly state where you can go with your charge card.
This way you will not be faced with surprises and you know in advance where you stand, but it is so relaxed!
At Ecotap you will find exactly where you can go via the Ecotap app, or consult the overview at the bottom of the support page here.