There’s no stopping the market for electric driving. Sales figures are skyrocketing and the supply of various models is struggling to keep up with demand. This means a sharp increase in demand for charging stations in public places. But also in parking garages and car parks. Invest in, facilitate and run charging stations for electric cars!

Why ?

  • You will meet strongly rising demand from people who want to park their electric car
  • You will generate a higher return from each parking space

Definition of the problem

  • Many parking garages were built in the 70s, and there is a lack of available power
  • Operators are also concerned that drivers of electric cars will keep the parking space occupied after the car is charged.

Unique Ecotap solution

Ecotap is an innovative company and is leading the pack when it comes to technology and quality. Ecotap charging stations for electric cars use Smart Charging and Smart Grid technology. More specifically, this means:

‘’With a minimum level of available power, a maximum number of charging stations’’

Ecotap leading in technology and quality

  • We can use ‘unused power’. Emergency power for air extraction or heating, for instance
  • We can connect our charging stations to a parking payment system

Getting the maximum return from each parking space

  • You can define your own rate per kWh
  • Ecotap provides the total cost-charging structure and compensates operators with a sum per kWh sold
  • Ecotap can also set up a ‘fine’ rate if the car is not moved when fully charged


Suppose there is just one 1 free group of 3x 63 amperes available. The operator basically wants 5 double charging stations.


  • 1 free group of 3x 63 amperes, fuse protected
  • 1 power cable, looped
  • 5 charging stations connected using a UTP cable


  • Creates a dynamically connected charging grid
  • The power is dynamically and efficiently distributed between the wall-mounted sockets and the 5 charging stations
  • This ensures that each car gets maximum charge (supply and demand)
  • Operators sell the maximum number of kW per hour

ecotap_parkeerbord_uitsluitendautos_kleinIt’s simply frustrating when the parking space reserved for electric cars is occupied by a non-electric car. Clear signage demonstrates what your organization stands for, and provides a clear and visible signal to drivers of electric cars.

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