PowerField is a Dutch company that develops, builds and operates solar parks, charging stations and energy storage systems. Subsidiary PowerGo is a strong emerging player in the European fast charging industry for electric vehicles. The charging points are powered by solar energy from Dutch soil. ”PowerField is a company with its roots in generating energy via solar parks,” says Ivo van Dam, Chief Technology Officer of PowerField and PowerGo, who is happy to tell more about the cooperation with Ecotap.

Sustainable chain

“In recent years, we have added a number of new technologies alongside the development of solar parks. Think of building fast charging infrastructure and energy storage systems. As a result, we have an end-to-end renewable energy system. The green energy is generated by us and brought to the charging stations via energy storage systems, so you have a sustainable chain. PowerGo has been operating in the field of charging infrastructure since 2020. Ecotap was looking for a partner to take on the operation. That’s how we came together.”

Even more serious player

“Ecotap and PowerGo have a very open partnership. That means we can say anything. You now see, because Ecotap is in transition with Legrand, that they are becoming an even more serious player in the market,” Ivo states. “We notice this mainly because there are more procedures and more structure in the company. Often things were coordinated verbally with each other. You now see that procedures are being put in place to record this properly, which is a good development.”

Major player

“We ourselves want to become at least a top ten player in all the markets where we are present – seven at the moment. To this end, we are looking together with Ecotap at opportunities and at the bigger deals in which we can leverage our strength. PowerGo operates in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. The delivery of stuff according to specifications of the different countries is very important in this. In all those markets, we own the charge post, and we continue to do so. People also call us the Charge Point Operator. We charge commercial vehicles to a large extent, including for HelloFresh and Crisp. We also provide public charging infrastructure, with a focus on DC charging.”

The charging station

And the charging poles themselves? Van Dam says: “The posts themselves are stable, have few failures ánd are beautifully designed. For us, these are three important aspects, as they define both the quality and the customer experience to a greater extent. We regularly have the charging stations custom-designed by Ecotap. For example, for Jumbo Supermarkets; with them we launched our own design charging station, as well as for several other partners, such as Basic-Fit, Willem II and Crisp. As for delivery, Ecotap is very flexible in this respect. In addition, communication is fast and pleasant. In terms of ease of use, Ecotap certainly has one of the most user-friendly charging stations. Especially the AC chargers and the DC-30 are super compact and also clear to use, thanks in part to the direct feedback you get from the charging station itself.” 

Together in a partnership

“We are looking together at which markets and market segments we can pick up together. In any case, Ecotap will keep a large share in our portfolio. We are therefore both in favour of active partnership, which we consider very important,” concludes Ivo van Dam.