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The advantages of an Ecotap charging station or wall charger at your home ...

At Ecotap we are committed to making your choice for an electric charging solution as easy as possible. We do this by continuously innovating: better and even more beautiful charging points. Charging solutions that are also easy to assemble and maintain. It can be this easy.

Ecotap home chargers

Homebox with cable

Homebox with socket

Ecotap securities

Certified installers

Certified installers provide a safe and fast installation at your location. In short, a complete unburdening

Service and maintenance

We provide maintenance and repair on the charging product you have purchased. Extended warranty is possible.

24/7 Ecotap support

Ecotap offers 24/7 support for questions, remote troubleshooting and maintenance.

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nearest charging point.


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Why did he choose the Volvo XC60 for an electric car? “Because I have a Swedish wife.” Jesse Boeijen (32) from Cuijk says it with a smile. He has been driving the plug-in hybrid for his work for a year and a half. That works so well that a second car was recently added: a fully electric Fiat 500. Both cars are charged at home in Brabant at an Ecotap charging station.

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