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As a provider of a public charging point, you naturally attach importance to creating a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. One that provides its function for a long time, easily and without problems. With Ecotap you succeed in this completely. Ecotap offers the perfect innovative charging solution for every situation. For example, with public charging stations it is about sufficient capacity, smart charging, user-friendliness and vandalism resistance. With Ecotap “You’re ahead”.

Attractive revenue model

In 2030 in the Netherlands alone, around 1.7 million charging points will be needed to charge all electric cars. The legislator has now imposed obligations on enterprising Netherlands to install a charging infrastructure / charging points for electric vehicles. Public charging points are increasingly being installed at shopping centers and public car parks. These charging stations work with a charging card and are suitable for all types of electric vehicles. An interesting revenue model. Are you considering installing one or more charging stations? Then contact Ecotap.

Interesting subsidy schemes

The government and municipalities offer many subsidy options, which can be applied for side by side. In this way sustainability is made financially very interesting. If you opt for a publicly accessible charging station, subsidy may be awarded by your municipality, depending on regional policy. If you purchase a business charging station, you can claim the MIA scheme. This allows up to 36% of the total investment amount to be deducted from the taxable profit.

Business charging arranged in 4 simple steps

  1. Free consultation
    Via our helpdesk – +31 (0) 411 74 50 20 we are happy to inform you about the specifics based on your situation and expectations.
  2. Location check
    After providing your zip code, we are happy to show you the nearest dealer / installer.
  3. Quotation
    You will receive a concrete proposal asap via the Ecotap dealer / installer. the information you provide and recommended execution.
  4. Installation
    After any questions have been answered and written approval to the quotation, the installation of your Ecotap charging solution (s) will be planned and executed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are active in the business segment, there is a lot to choose from at Ecotap. It is important to estimate the number of intended users and the visit / loading time. This provides insight into the expected occupancy rate and corresponding solution. Will it be one or more single chargers, duo chargers or fast chargers? Solution on the wall or as a column? Together we select the most suitable solution.

Both the crew of the Ecotap Helpdesk and our certified installers are familiar with the applicable laws and regulations. Together we make clear which conditions and rules apply to your situation. Placement therefore only takes place when all signals are green. Nasty surprises are excluded at Ecotap.

Of course, minimal provisions are required to enable electric charging. Depending on the chosen charging solution based on the intended occupancy rate can be determined whether your current energy network can already provide sufficient supplies. In the unlikely event that this is insufficient, we will determine this and, through our certified installer in the region, it will then be studied which additional facilities are required. If necessary, you will receive a suitable proposal for this.

At Ecotap (fast) chargers are available that can be used universally for all electric vehicles with a CHAdeMo or CCS connection. This prevents inconvenience for the visitor (s) and everyone can leave your location charged again.

The speed at which an electric vehicle is fully charged has to do with the chosen (fast) charger, but certainly also with the local power grid. These can differ considerably in terms of capacity, and that also says a lot about the charging speed. If, for example, a 3-phase connection is required, the transport of the electricity runs extremely smoothly. The condition is that the vehicle can also transport things smoothly.

The charging solutions are supplied as standard in the colors and with the image carriers of Ecotap. If the execution is desired in your own colors, with or without your own logo, this is also possible. Depending on the type of charger and the number you choose, additional costs apply. Feel free to inquire about it.

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