A bench that can be used to charge your mobile or e-bike during the break. Practical, right? The best part: they already exist.

There are ideas that make you think why you did not think of it yourself. For example, why does the park bench not produce electricity in the sun? The Dutch company ecotap has put the idea into action, and thanks to the company Partino, there are also solar seats in Switzerland.

“In Switserland we have the exclusive rights for distribution”

Stefan Gehrig, CEO Partino

Co-owner of the company Partino, a partner company of BKW. His company has spelled out the spread of mobile energy solutions.

“When Stefan Gehrig approached us and introduced us to the innovative solar benches, I immediately saw the potential of a sales partnership. This is a good offer especially for our community customers.”

The solar collectors are indeed attracting great interest, especially from cities, tourist areas, hospitals and companies. The first bank already installed is at the motorway service area Neuenkirch LU. Cost depending on the version between 10 000 and 12 500 francs. The fact that you do not get hot when sitting on the solar bench is ensured by a shock-resistant Saffier plastic panel.

Twelve times half an hour of electricity per day, which also charges e-bikes

A solar bench supplies twelve times half an hour of electricity per day at maximum discharge. Mobile phones can be charged continuously and throughout the day. But laptops, e-scooters, e-bikes and other electronic devices can be connected. Partino also offers solar charging stations. They produce even more power and are also suitable for e-scooters and e-scooters.

“We also have the SMARTY-PORT on offer, a covered solar charging station, which can be used as a bus stop, for example. This station also has a touch screen where bus timetables, attractions, weather, regional information and more can be uploaded”

Stefan Gehrig, CEO Partino
He is convinced that decentralized and harmonized charging stations are the future. Partino is therefore also a distributor of lithium storage tanks that store solar energy in public places as well as in single-family homes and can supply electricity to the electric car with a fast-charging station.

“Sitting does not get hot, thanks to a Saffier plastic plate.”
Stefan Gehrig

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Source: https://blog.bkw.ch/