Sectors in which we work

Public transport

It is important for public transporters to create a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure that can provide a loyal service for several years and thus provide sustainable energy to bring passengers from A to B.


Time is money, which is why fast, yet balanced charging for heavy vehicles is one of the facets that Ecotap offers for this market sector. With fast chargers specially designed for extensive use, Ecotap distinguishes itself in the logistics market.

Taxis / passenger transport

With a combination of fast and balanced chargers (AC and DC) we offer carriers the opportunity to make optimal use of their fleet and allow drivers to drive as many safe and enjoyable kilometers as possible.

Gas / Oil industry

Ecotap fast chargers offer petrol station operators a low-threshold introduction to the world of electric cars. It is a great advantage that the chargers are extremely future-proof and easy to scale up and expand.