Service Conditions

Before we can deal with your reported issue, there are a number of matters you need to be aware of. Once you have read these points, we will start processing your issue.  With a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year:

With a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year:

– You have access to Ecotap’s helpdesk
– Ecotap solves the problem for free on site

If the 1-year warranty has expired:

– You have access to Ecotap’s helpdesk
– If we have to work on site, we charge € 37 per man / per hour
– Time starts at departure from Boxtel (NL) and ends at arrival in Boxtel
– We charge for replacement parts

Extend your warranty by 4 years with our Warranty Plus contract:

Ecotap gives you the option of concluding a Warranty Plus contract for each charging station of € 340
The condition is that this contract must be concluded within the first year after purchase. The Warranty Plus contract has a term of 4 years. If you want carefree charging, we recommend you do this to avoid extra costs. These costs may be included in the fiscal allowances.

When your contract has expired:

– We will contact you to offer you a service contract.

Warranty Plus contract

The undersigned:

1. Ecotap BV
Industrieweg 4
5281 RW Boxtel
The Netherlands
Hereinafter referred to as the supplier, and
2. Hereinafter referred to as the client, agree the following:

The assignment:
By signing this contract, the supplier agrees to abide by the warranty, which is held at address Voorbeeldlaan 12, in Utrecht, the Netherlands..

Commencement of the contract:
You always conclude a contract per charging station on the condition that you do so within one year after purchase. The contract commences once the (manufacturer’s) warranty has expired.

garantie1+garantie4The Warranty Plus contract comprises the following:
1. Resolving all malfunctions and complaints relating to your charging station. Excluding: please refer to ”Service Exclusions”
2. Free replacement of parts.
3. All work and call-out costs.
4. Complaints and malfunctions will be resolved as quickly as possible.
5. Free use of our helpdesk.

For more information and to register, download the Warranty Plus conditions

Download Warranty Plus contract

General terms and conditions

In these conditions, the following terms are used in the following sense, unless expressly stated otherwise:

User : Ecotap® B.V., the party applying the general conditions, contractor, seller;

Counterparty : the counterparty of user, client, buyer;

Agreement : the agreement between user and counterparty;

The work : the total of the activities agreed between the user and the counterparty and the matters and materials supplied for this purpose by the user.

Download General terms and conditions