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‘Relax & Recharge’

Using sustainable power outdoors has never been this easy and fun. Whether you want to charge your phone or your bicycle, want to play a video game or work in the great outdoors, the Solar Bench makes it all possible.

The Solar Bench “Smart 2 Work” is an outdoor design sitcombi. The solartable is equipped with 6 chargingpoints and an integrated solar panel in the seat. The solar panel turns the sunlight caught by the table into electricity. The solar panel is semi-transparant. The table and benches can be delivered in various models or materials and can even be customised for the client. As Ecotap®,  we can provide the complete installation of the Solar Bench throughout Europe.


View the Ecotap Solar Bench “Smart 2 Work’ 3 dimensional with your mouse.
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nieuwe-logo-ecotap_100 TYPE SMART 2 WORK

Specifications Ecotap Smart 2 work
Model Sit Combinations
Number of chargingpoints 6   (2x230V en 2x2USB)
Start use of charger Push Button
Solar Panel Hardened glass, semi-transparant
Coverplate Impact-proof Synthtic Sapphire plate
Frame Material Brushed stainless steel 316
Feet, Standard Self-compacted concrete (smooth)
Feet, Colour Light Grey
Feet treatment Anti-graffity
Connection Stand-alone of on power network/0.3A max.
Output power per socket Max. 300W @ 230Vac
Output power
per USB
Max. 5mA @ 5Vdc USB
Current limiting Over 300 Watt
Charging sockets Vandalism-proof > IK10
Dimensions (LxBxH) 240 x 100 x 45 cm
Weight 800 kg

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