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‘Relax & Recharge’

Using sustainable power outdoors has never been this easy and fun. Whether you want to charge your phone or your bicycle, want to play a video game or work in the great outdoors, the Solar Bench makes it all possible.

The Ecotap® Solar Bench is an outdoor designer bench. The bench is equipped with six charging stations and an integrated solar panel in the seat. The solar panel turns the sunlight caught by the bench into electricity. The solar panel is semi-transparent. The bench is available in various models or materials and can even be customised for the client. As Ecotap®, we can provide the complete installation of the Solar Bench throughout Europe.


Bekijk de Ecotap Solar Bench Smart City 3 dimensionaal met uw muis.
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nieuwe-logo-ecotap_100 TYPE SMART CITY

Specificaties Ecotap Smart City
Model Zitbank
Number of charging stations 6   (2x230V and 2x2USB)
Start use of charger Push button
Solar panel Hardened glass, semi-transparent
Cover plate Impact-proof Synthetic Sapphire plate
Frame material Brushed stainless steel 316
Feet, standard Self-compacting concrete (smooth)
Feet colour Light grey
Feet treatment Anti-graffiti
Connection Stand-alone or on power network/0.3A max.
Output power per power socket Max. 300W @ 230Vac
Output power per USB Max. 5mA @ 5Vdc USB
Current limiting Over 300 Watt
Charger sockets Vandalism-proof > IK10
Dimensions (LxWxH) 240 x 100 x 45 cm
Weight 800 kg

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