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Mick-e energy: pleasant communication and top service!

The collaboration between Mick-e energy and Ecotap started about 2.5 years ago. “We came into contact with them through a joint relationship. This relationship has told many positive stories about his collaboration with Ecotap. So we were actually made enthusiastic by one of their other clients,” says Arjan Leijtens. “We

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“Thinking from the perspective of the charging point”

He actually started his company in 2014 with the main goal of promoting electric driving. He soon realized that this was no longer necessary. Then Steef Korfker decided to focus on simplifying charging infrastructure. With his company NL Mobility, he only installs and supplies Ecotap charging points. This increasingly concerns

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“Charging must enter your system for a while”

“Electric driving is fantastic!” She is full of enthusiasm. Inez van Kronenberg (43) from Meerlo, North Limburg, says she feels “like a queen” in her car. She has been driving a striking Peugeot 208 from the company since just before Christmas 2020. The sustainability consultant at Avalon Advies in Elst

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“You just have to do electric driving”

His first electric car dates back to eight years ago. That was a Renault ZOE, with a range of 100 kilometers. He put a step in the back there, in case he couldn’t get to his appointment. Gerald van Kessel (55) now still drives electrically. The co-director of MGM Project

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“Business hybrid, private electric”

Why did he choose the Volvo XC60 for an electric car? “Because I have a Swedish wife.” Jesse Boeijen (32) from Cuijk says it with a smile. He has been driving the plug-in hybrid for his work for a year and a half. That works so well that a second

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