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03-Siebert van der Veen-JSF

With Ecotap we give extra meaning to the word ‘power’

“Laadkracht (meaning load power) is a company that mainly focuses on installing and operating public charging stations. We mainly do this in the north of the Netherlands. We distinguish ourselves by installing and connecting the charging stations in one operation. We have been doing this for 2 years now: at

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Together you go further than alone…

“We are a pan-European renewable energy wholesaler. And we supply everything that has to do with a solar park. We do this with branches in the Netherlands, where our head office is located, and with account managers in Germany, Finland and Poland. Slovenia and France. You can see us as

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Tim den Hartog_ecotap-3

The choice of Ecotap started with research….

“Den Hartog Charging is part of Den Hartog BV, originally a fuel supplier. A company that has partially made the shift to that of energy partner. This involves the mix, from diesel and gasoline to biofuels, electricity, hydrogen. This, in order to be future-proof and to be able to serve

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Ecotap_Ploegam_Maarten Munster_1

Working with Ecotap emission-free in the Natura 2000 areas

“Ploegam is a contractor, especially in ground, road and hydraulic engineering. We actually do quite a lot”, says Maarten Munster of Ploegam. “Ecotap’s contribution is mainly related to the flood protection programme. This is a program from the Dutch government in which the dykes are raised so that we remain

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