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The choice of Ecotap started with research….

“Den Hartog Charging is part of Den Hartog BV, originally a fuel supplier. A company that has partially made the shift to that of energy partner. This involves the mix, from diesel and gasoline to biofuels, electricity, hydrogen. This, in order to be future-proof and to be able to serve our customers at all times with the energy demand they have. It also explains why our charging branch was established.” Speaking is Tim den Hartog of Den Hartog from Groot-Ammers in the Netherlands.

Reliable partner

Tim continues: “Our vision actually started 15 or 16 years ago. The route was to move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible, and then we went fully into biofuels. With charging, we then started 3 years ago. This process started with thorough research in the market. This involved questions such as: What players are all out there and what can we as a company do within this market? The results of the research brought us to Ecotap, not least because we were looking for a reliable partner. The name Ecotap came up very often and convincingly in the research anyway. In addition, they offer a suitable charging station for very many applications. Ecotap also offers beautiful innovative technology in the field of construction. All in all, plenty of reasons to get in touch with Ecotap. They also saw in us an interesting, future-proof partner, so that’s why they went along willingly. It is now 1.5 years that we are actively engaged in the market.”

Pleasant cooperation

And how has the cooperation been going since then? Den Hartog commented, “Ecotap responds and supports quickly and well in all cases. We can always contact their customer service. You then come to a smooth conclusion together, which is certainly not the case with all suppliers. It is just nice working with Ecotap, it is a fairly warm and informal company. You can easily go to every layer of the organization if there are any problems. If something on site doesn’t work or fails with the installation, and you need additional expertise, you just always have someone on the line within half an hour. Our company stands for fast service and attention to the customer, and so Ecotap helps us do that very well.”

Growing together

“We are very active in municipalities, transportation and automotive. Those are the pillars we act on the most. We want to grow in the number of charging stations and we want to do that quite quickly. The acceleration has already started, but it is far from finished. We have two different branches: we operate ourselves and we sell to our customers. Over the next five years, we want to run many great projects for our customers, as well as significantly increase the number of charging solutions we operate – at municipalities and real estate. The market demand is there, as are the perfect products to realize it and the knowledge to execute it carefully. As Den Hartog, we are ready for it,” Tim concludes.