The consideration and the costs; electric vs petrol car

It is not the first time that we have written a blog that zooms in on the comparison between petrol and electric cars. But with today’s fuel prices skyrocketing, the cost picture in particular is becoming more relevant than ever. And how does the hybrid variant fit into that comparison picture? That is why, in this blog, once again the considerations and costs of electric versus petrol.

Compare effectively
It is not easy to make a comparison accurately to the cent because there are few brands that offer a petrol, electric and hybrid variant to compare 1-on-1. However, the elements that make up the costs are easy to identify.

The most obvious cost item to start with is fuel. With the current fuel prices, the electric car is of course leading the list. When looking for an electric car, therefore, be well informed about the price per kilometer that applies at that time. But the electric car is emphatically at the forefront of this.

Electric cars do not incur a motor vehicle tax, whereas petrol and hybrid cars do. That also makes electric driving the more interesting choice in this area.

On average, the maintenance and repair costs for electric cars are much lower. This is because there are fewer moving parts and the car requires much less maintenance than traditional models. Tires, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive.

Purchase (and depreciation)
The most important higher cost item of electric driving is the purchase. Until a few years ago, this factor often meant that electric driving was only feasible for the business driver or the wealthy private individual. With the subsidy options that are available (we wrote about this last time), it is more interesting for private individuals to purchase (or private lease) this year.

The realistic comparison is mainly in the slightly longer term. For example, if you look at the costs spread over 3 years, electric driving invariably comes out strongly, especially now that the purchase subsidy is still available for private individuals (also for used cars!).

Smooth charging
Do you have the consideration, or do other factors (such as your charging options) also play a role, please feel free to contact us. There are many options for a home charger or charging point at work and we are happy to help you with the choice.