The electric shared car – about the trend

It is not news that our means of transport are becoming more and more electric. A trend, by the way. But where we still primarily think about our cars and bicycles, there is more. The growing number of electric trucks and buses for city and regional transport, for example.

The electric shared car is also growing in popularity, especially in cities. That’s why in today’s blog we dive into the trend around the shared car and what we can expect.

Clean city alternative to the polluting car

Especially in cities, electric shared cars are growing enormously in popularity and visibility. The basic principle here is that an easily accessible shared car should serve as a clean alternative to driving a (non-electric) car, especially in inner cities.

Not just in big cities

The dutch municipality of Woudenberg, for example. This year, it has made it possible for shared cars in the new Hoevelaar residential area in Woudenberg. Not only does it offer a solution for a better environment and financial benefit, it also contributes to reducing parking pressure in residential areas. Or Sint-Michielsgestel in North Brabant there, the registration of residents for electric shared car is enormous.

Shared cars business market

Using an electric shared car is a very economical solution for making optimal use of your fleet. As a company, you also give a signal that you take ‘green’ entrepreneurship seriously. You reduce your CO2 emissions, you save money and you also stimulate your employees by setting a good example. You also show here that you care about sustainable mobility.

It’s everyday food. Employees come to work in their lease car, after which the car can stand still for up to 8 hours. You often see that during that time a colleague rents a car or has to go to an appointment with a private car. The cars are often not used optimally. It is more profitable for both the employer and the employee if a partial car scheme is used in this case. The most economical solution for a company is for employees within a company to share their cars.

Charging points for electric cars

The call for suitable charging points is growing enormously. Why invest in a charging point? Because it is significantly cheaper. It is cheaper to install a charging station at home, because you have concluded your own energy rates at home or at the business. Research has shown that on average you pay twice as much at a commercial charging station, compared to a home charging station or a charging station at the office.

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