“Thinking from the perspective of the charging point”

He actually started his company in 2014 with the main goal of promoting electric driving. He soon realized that this was no longer necessary. Then Steef Korfker decided to focus on simplifying charging infrastructure. With his company NL Mobility, he only installs and supplies Ecotap charging points. This increasingly concerns the most ingenious installations.

It goes without saying that Steef Korfker (49), who lives in Standdaarbuiten in West Brabant, is a proud and satisfied electric driver. He does this in a Tesla Model S, which he can use for free at the Tesla Superchargers. Korfker is on the road a lot, for example to his company in Gouda. He is also passionate about electric driving from a business point of view. That will come as no surprise to the former director of DOET, the trade association in the field of electric transport in the Netherlands.

Intelligent solutions

NL Mobility has been a well-oiled machine since 2015, which simplifies the delivery, installation and maintenance of charging points. “We use the intelligent solutions of Ecotap for this,” says Korfker. “They are a manufacturer that delivers work at a high level. They do this in an innovative and distinctive way. We can play a nice role in this. Because it is precisely in optimizing the principle of smart charging that our strength lies again. We do this more and more for complex installations such as at a taxi company, a distribution center or a public transport company. After all, they too want the convenience of electrically charging their fleet. ”

Korfker realizes that an enormous challenge still awaits: “The largest group still has to switch to electric driving. Although the breakthrough of electric transport is in full swing, it is important to keep up with the pace. The market is doing its job. Electric driving has become both sexy and desirable. Plus, the mass models are coming. The only question is whether the energy market is ready for this. If a distribution center comes to an industrial estate that wants to load its fleet of 200 vehicles twice a day, they will have a problem. The waiting times to be able to realize this are sometimes long. ” Together with Ecotap, NL Mobility sees plenty of opportunities for the further rollout of electric driving in our country. Korfker: “There is enough market to distribute. I would like to point out, however, that the established order of installers with an enormous track record is not by definition the most suitable for providing complex charging installations. We think from the possibilities of the charging point: out of the box, but within the rules. And we also share our expertise. For example, at the beginning of 2021 we started advising and guiding installers in installing Ecotap charging points in complex situations. ”