Together you go further than alone…

“We are a pan-European renewable energy wholesaler. And we supply everything that has to do with a solar park. We do this with branches in the Netherlands, where our head office is located, and with account managers in Germany, Finland and Poland. Slovenia and France. You can see us as the international wholesaler of solar energy. The charging station is a separate product portfolio, which we recently added. You often already connect charging stations to the solar parks that we install. There is a clear link with each other, so that is why it is a logical extension of our range,” says Jan-Willem of PVO International.

Making each other stronger

“Last summer we came into contact with Ecotap. We only made a start with the charging stations around the month of September. When finding a supplier, we were mainly looking for a partner who could offer a certain exclusivity. We also prefer not to carry 5 or 6 different brands. We were looking for a brand for which we could specifically do the sales. In addition, a strong brand that they actively develop. Because if each party does what it does best, you can make each other stronger. PVO International have certainly found that partner in Ecotap.”

Together you stand strong

“Ecotap mainly appeals to us because of their durability and the quality of the product. It offers more than other brands. The robustness and the quality that is offered… Also that they produce or at least assemble as much as possible themselves… They keep as much as possible in their own hands. Ecotap’s strategy is a nice addition to PVO International’s strategy. This means that we are both looking for strong partners to be able to grow together and to set up the products. Together you get further than alone”, says Jan-Willem. “You just need good partnerships”.

Do what you are good at

“We do not do any installation ourselves. We sell from PVO International. Our partners install the posts. What I do get feedback from our partners is that the chargers are very easy to expand. If you have two charging stations, you can easily expand it to multiple stations. I’m not involved with the technology myself, but what I hear from everyone is that it works very well. This also applies to the service they provide. They take over the back office for us. If there are any questions, first and second line, Ecotap takes them up completely for us. As a result, we are completely unburdened. This way we can actually focus on sales, and Ecotap takes care of the rest. This way everyone does what they are good at. Ecotap is good at service, technical questions and engineering. Where we are good is selling it. This is how we use each other’s strengths”.

Future is hopeful

“The goal is to add Germany and also expand internationally with Scandinavia and Finland. We are certainly hopeful about the future with international expansion. If you look at the market, the demand is huge. Also what still needs to be added: ‘so many’ million extra charging stations still have to be installed. Then you know that the market is simply huge,” says Jan-Willem enthusiastically. “Certainly for commercial charging station solutions. That is also the reason why we chose Ecotap. We are mainly active in the commercial market. Ecotap is the forerunner in offering larger DC chargers. This is in line with the market in which we operate. For us, Ecotap is the best charging station,” concludes Jan-Willem convincingly.