Laadpalen Ecotap

Wall charger Duo


This charging station works on three-phase electric power and features communication technology. It was specifically designed for garages. Features 2 x 7-pins sockets for charging two E-Vehicles at the same time.


Smart Charging Smart power distribution between the two sockets.
  • Optimized and dynamic loading process
Smart Grid
Smart power distribution between switched Ecotap charging stations.
  • Minimum current, maximum number of charging points
  • Optimized and dynamic charging process
  • Master-Slave configuration (Master monitors set connection value)
  • Future-oriented: expansion of number of charging points is possible.
  • Price-friendly installation

The Ecotap Load balancer ensures that your Electric Car always makes optimum use of the available power at all times. Read more

Extend your warranty with 4 years with the Warranty Plus contract:

You can take out a Guarantee Plus contract with Ecotap per charge point for € 316.00.
The condition is that you conclude this contract within the first year of purchase. The Guarantee Plus contract has a duration of 4 years. If you want to be able to load carefree, we advise you to do this so that you have no additional costs