03-Siebert van der Veen-JSF
With Ecotap we give extra meaning to the word ‘power’

“Laadkracht (meaning load power) is a company that mainly focuses on installing and operating public charging stations. We mainly do this in the north of the Netherlands. We distinguish ourselves by installing and connecting the charging stations in one operation. We have been doing this for 2 years now: at the end of 2021 we started working with Ecotap. We are a flat and pragmatic company and above all constructive. We recognized the same DNA in Ecotap. That means the same culture: ‘a deal is a deal’ and you can simply count on each other… These are the main reasons why we started working together.” Siebert van der Veen, regional director of Baas BV, of which Laadkracht is a part, is speaking.

Efficient assembly

“The charging stations are efficient for us to install. We train our own people. From Baas BV we have a vocational school. There is also a charging station in the classroom. One as we also place in the field. In this way, our mechanics are also trained to roll them out in a good way as quickly as possible. We provide the training ourselves, but we collect the specialist matters from Ecotap. A delivery document is being worked on. Over time, we have been able to further refine that document. In this way we have been able to realize the maximum output and we know how to carry out the work as efficiently as possible. Because many charging stations have to be rolled out, you also want to make the best possible use of the precious available time,” Siebert reports with appropriate pride.

Extra safe

The regional director continues: “The charging stations that we purchase are fully customised. This means that they are painted in the color of our clients and the border color of the municipality. That is an important option with added value. They are also very robust chargers. As a professional company, we expressly believe that the designs and materials used by Ecotap are in line with who we are. The name ‘Laadkracht’ does not refer to ‘power’ without reason. With Ecotap we can make that all the more meaningful. For example, plexiglass has even been placed for extra safety. The packaging that contains the charger is a robust packaging, so that the chargers are not damaged during transport. Think of the intelligence it contains, you don’t want to damage it during transport. As soon as we install the charging station, you can be 100% sure that the charging station has been tested (factory test) and that we will not run into all kinds of challenges, which will stagnate our process. This is of course a very pleasant certainty for us.”

What I would recommend!

Finally, Siebert: “You can taste the energy at Ecotap. They grow quickly, but also controlled. I would certainly advise new dealers and business relations to take a look there. When I was there, newly delivered types of cars were also tested on the charging stations. That people with a new type of car are not surprised by any inconveniences, I thought it was great to be able to determine on the spot. That gives you a very good feeling, because you know that Ecotap also makes proactive adjustments. That’s how I like to see it!”