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With Ecotap, you always have the ideal charging solution …

“We started supplying and installing charging stations a few years ago,” begins Emiel Siemonsma of Laadpaal123. “Ecotap clearly stands out as a leader in the market. We mainly chose this brand because of their wide range for both the business and private market. In this way we can offer our customers a complete package, and the ideal solution is always available. We have been working together very well for about 4 to 5 years now.”

Business market

“We are increasingly noticing a shift to the business market. The business market is also more interesting to us because we can work there on a larger scale. We have now outgrown the private market a bit,” says Siemonsma. “Especially at a business level, it is important that the charging stations are scalable. For example, there are clients, such as property owners, who have different locations. They sometimes start with one charging station or a duo charging. As soon as they want more, this can easily be achieved with Ecotap because the appearance remains the same. That is what Ecotap can offer us like no other, and about which we are extremely satisfied.”

Good delivery

Emiel continues: “During the corona crisis, it became clear to a large group of installers what can happen if you do business with foreign parties that are located far away. An additional advantage of Ecotap is that it is located in the Netherlands. Their stocks are always good, they have a willing helpdesk and there are no or hardly any delivery inconveniences. These are also very important reasons for us why we like to work with Ecotap. My experience with Ecotap’s charging stations is therefore very positive.”

Certainty in advance

And how does end-user maintenance work? Siemonsma: “We service and repair the Ecotap charging stations ourselves. Suppose we really can’t figure it out, there is always an Ecotap technician available who can help us. Incidentally, this has hardly ever happened. Also important: in terms of certification, the Ecotap charging stations have a type B earth leakage circuit breaker. Most business clients in the Netherlands are required to undergo a NEN inspection. Without a type B earth leakage circuit breaker certificate, they would receive a rejection for this inspection. Prevention is of course better than cure, so with Ecotap you opt for certainty in advance.”


“We foresee enormous growth given the ever-increasing demand for good charging solutions, and are confident that Ecotap will continue to actively support us in this. There is real partnership. You can rest assured that both Ecotap and Laadpaal123 are ready for the future,” concludes the energetic charging specialist with a laugh.