With Ecotap you have a universal charging station that can do everything

“Hoppenbrouwers is a total installer, we do everything from A to Z. Think of heating systems, electricity and everything that goes with it. Hoppenbrouwers is active throughout the Netherlands. I myself work in the region between Venlo and Eindhoven. Ecotap has been working with our team since 2019. We were looking for a professional supplier for charging stations and we knew that Ecotap was a relatively small player. We were also already aware that it is a reliable product. We tested it then and we liked it,” says Rick Aben. “What particularly appeals to us is that the charging station certainly does what it is supposed to do. You have brands where you have to buy 10 different chargers because they can all do something different. The chargers from Ecotap are universal and you can set them to what they actually need to do. This way you only have to purchase one product. I find that a very useful and strong point.”

Satisfied Installers

And how does the installation work? Rick continues: “We assemble everything ourselves. Commissioning must be done by Ecotap. Ecotap makes the charging stations in such a way that installation is easy for us. A good manual will help with this. All the necessary little things, which you don’t think about yourself, are also included. Our fitters indicate that they find the posts easy to mount. They can simply connect it properly, and that is important to them. And once it’s clear, you don’t hear much about it anymore. Yes, and the better we can assemble them, the more we can install in the same time. Also important, right?”

Customized charging station

“At Ecotap you can customize the charging station. Some customers don’t find the appearance important, other customers find it important that the screen with their logo is on and things like that. It’s great that Ecotap offers this option. We mainly use the standard colours, because white or anthracite are usually fine. And the service? Well, it’s generally just fine. I am satisfied with it. It also goes quickly and well with regard to personal contacts. You can certainly not always say that about other providers…”

New opportunities and developments

Are there still challenges? “Yes,” says Rick. “What can be very useful for us in the future is that you can view the status of the order. Because delivery is very important to us, I would like to be well informed if things go wrong. That is something that can be developed further. There will also be new regulations, so we will see many more electric cars. We are going to install quite a lot of charging stations. This requires us to work together much more intensively. Production must also be able to keep up with this, and being able to track your order will become even more important,” concludes Rick with clear advice.