“You just have to do electric driving”

His first electric car dates back to eight years ago. That was a Renault ZOE, with a range of 100 kilometers. He put a step in the back there, in case he couldn’t get to his appointment. Gerald van Kessel (55) now still drives electrically. The co-director of MGM Project Development from Best swears by Ecotap’s charging stations. In fact: “We are now building homes with an Ecotap charging station as standard!”

Gerald van Kessel has a thing for sustainability. Together with his brother Marcel he started MGM Project Development. That builds zero-on-the-meter homes. “We are committed to sustainability and electric driving is part of that,” he says firmly. Gerald is emphatically not looking at payback periods. “No, you shouldn’t drive electric for the money. We come from the building materials trade. There is also no demand for payback periods. We consciously look at our own footprint. Then there will automatically be opportunities. “

As far as Van Kessel is concerned, electric driving is the transport of the future. He has now exchanged his ZOE of yesteryear for a Jaguar I-Pace, which he drives both privately and for business purposes. He charges it at home, using an Ecotap fast charger. His wife and children also all drive electrically. 3 Renault ZOEs are ready for this. They are charged at a charging station, also from Ecotap. “That Jaguar of mine simply loads a lot slower,” says Gerald. “But that’s the great thing about Ecotap: they offer so many technical choices that electric driving becomes easy for everyone and therefore accessible.”

Conscious choice

The entrepreneur Van Kessel consciously opted for Ecotap charging points. “That’s a matter of how we know us. Ecotap stands for something, makes a good product and does not hide behind a helpdesk. They are available 24/7. My first home charger didn’t work, I called, got the director on the line and was able to come by on Sunday morning. They will undoubtedly no longer do that, but it says something about the company. ” This philosophy ties in seamlessly with MGM’s philosophy. It is not without reason that the head office is located in the middle of a neighborhood built by the company itself. “We are therefore always available there.”

The business relationship between MGM Projectontwikkeling and Ecotap has grown strongly over the years. For example, the real estate that the enterprising brothers in Best have Ecotap chargers. “That’s 21 poles and 3 fast chargers,” Gerald sums up. “They are always full.”